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Our aim is to offer a space to meet like-minded people, because creating connections is so valuable.

We are away for our holidays, so there will be no meetings in August!

Bizzybirds are working alongside Digital Online Brand to provide FREE Online Networking Events to women that run businesses in the UK.

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Bizzybirds meetings are an opportunity to build your business by making new connections. Meet other women in business! We have a variety of meetings to suit your needs, both in person and online.

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I joined Bizzybirds when I started my styling business. The ladies all help and support each other and are very friendly. I highly recommend going along to the networking meetings. Jane Loughton is a great host    and does a great job running the meetings. Give it a try!

Julie Brooker

Styling The New You

In my line of work, there is no better way to explain the services that I provide than in person! The Bizzybirds Networking Group for Women allows me to meet like-minded people and make new business connections. I love the way that Jane provides a friendly, relaxed and child-friendly atmosphere. I cannot recommend Bizzybirds highly enough!

Louise Ashworth

Virtually Admin Ltd

Thank you, Jane, for this fab group. The ladies who attend are friendly, knowledgeable, uplifting and are keen to offer help and advice. I’ve found it invaluable for helping me with my case studies for future work with my business. A THANK YOU to those who continue to support.

Jude Dickinson

Bizzybirds Member

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