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Alternative Therapies

Shine Holistic Life Coaching

I am a holistic life coach, artist, writer and Spiritual Companion with the Spiritual Companions Trust

My passion is to see people SHINE, and if I can help someone to reach their goals and achieve their full potential, whilst looking after their personal wellbeing at the same time, then I shine too!

I offer 1:1 coaching and OPERATION SHINE! selfcare workshops to the public and to groups. OPERATION SHINE! has been created to encourage those that care for others and our world to realise their own value and take care of themselves better.


Susan Kennard

I help you to access your own Healer Within. I am an Emotional Freedom Master Practitioner and Trainer. Member of The AMT and the AAMET organisation. I have a practice at Harley Street, London and on the South Coast in Hastings. I also offer Skype and telephone sessions so that distance is no barrier.

I am a trained therapist with a BA Hons in Psychology and a Post Graduate in Psychoanalytical Observation from the Tavistock Centre, North London.

By combining the skills and qualifications I have gained over my years working as a therapist and an intuitive, I have developed a unique and successful practice helping both adults and children individually and in groups. I help you to access your own Healer Within and therefore your own empowering healing journey.

01424 715631
The Barefoot Energist

Nikki can help you with your well being by helping you de stress with Reflexology, balance the Chakras with Reiki and help you move on with your life using EFT. You will find you will feel better in yourself and able to cope with day to day living. If there is an event in your past that you feel is holding you back, Nikki can work with you to help you remove the emotional tie that event may be having.

The Barefoot Energist

07540 279073